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 A bit of introduction

View images on your wear device with this standalone image viewer for Wear OS.


View It Go is out now for Android™ and Wear OS devices


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View It Go – Image Gallery for Wear features an intuitive, powerful and a full fledged image gallery app. View images on your wear device with this standalone image viewer for Wear OS(Android Wear).

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More information on View It Go and relevant media are available here.

Release Version Info

  Current Version – v2.1 | Download


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Update Timeline


  Current Version – v2.1 | Download


v2.1   |   18th Nov 2021
– App now targets Android 12 (SDK 31) and is fully compatible with devices running Android 12.
– Wearable app optimizations.
– Minor bug fixes.


v2.0.0   |   5th Oct 2021
– Wearable app is compatible with Android 11 based Wear OS 3.0
– Wearable app optimizations


v1.9.9.5   |   7th Sep 2021

– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.9.4   |   3rd Aug 2021

– Minor design improvements
Wearable app optimizations


v1.9.9.3   |   5th July 2021
– Wearable app optimizations


v1.9.9.2   |   3rd June 2021
– Wearable app optimizations


v1.9.9.1   |   3rd June 2021
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.9   |   2nd May 2021
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.8   |   3rd Mar 2021
Wearable app optimizations


v1.9.7   |   25th Feb 2021
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.6   |   1st Jan 2021
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.5   |   5th Dec 2020
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.4   |   1st Nov 2020
– Various performance optimizations
– Added support for Android 11


v1.9.3   |   1st Oct 2020
– Wearable app improvements


v1.9.2   |   1st Sep 2020
– Minor design improvements


v1.9.1   |   4th Aug 2020
– Wearable app optimizations


v1.9   |   4th July 2020
– Minor bug fixes


v1.8   |   1st July 2020
– Minor design improvements and bug fixes.
– Wearable app optimizations.


v1.7   |   17th June 2020
– Wearable app optimizations
– Minor bug fixes.


v1.6   |   1st June 2020

Major design and feature update
– Includes various design improvements with a totally new UI based on the updated material components (Material design 2.0)
– Added two new night themes – Neon orange* and Neon pink
– Added match system theme toggle to the settings screen
– Various performance optimizations

*Note: Neon orange night theme can be unlocked by upgrading to the pro version. The theme will be unlocked in this update to users who have already upgraded to pro.


v1.5.6   |    1st May 2020
– Design improvements.

– Image viewer optimizations.


v1.5.5   |    23rd April 2020
– Minor bug fixes
– Wearable app optimizations


v1.5.4   |    16th March 2020

– Added two new themes – Bluish and Grayish night theme
– Wearable image transfer optimizations


v1.5.3   |    15th February 2020

– Fixed a rare image loading issue on devices running Android 10.


 v1.5.2    |    28th January 2020

– Image viewer optimizations.


 v1.5.1    |    1st January 2020

– Minor bug fixes.


v1.5    |    15th December 2019

– App now checks for update availability at launch.
– Added an automatic night mode switch at app start based on the system setting on devices running Android 10.


 v1.4    |    5th December 2019

–  Now transfer a maximum of five images at a time in high quality image transfer mode. There isn’t any such limit in low and medium transfer quality settings.


 v1.3    |    4th December 2019

– Revamped image transfer quality options on mobile app. Image transfer quality now has three options low, medium and high.
– Wearable version of the app now displays images in higher quality.
– Minor bug fixes.


 v1.2    |    2nd December 2019

– Added option to set wallpaper from the image viewer(Mobile App)
– Added option to show/hide image extensions under settings


 v1.1    |    1st December 2019

Major feature update
Mobile app
– Added grid view type to image gallery
– Added option to switch between list and grid view layout types in one tap
– Added image transfer quality option to settings
– Fixed slideshow duration

Wearable app
– Added option to sort gallery images by name, date or size in ascending or descending order


 v1.0    |    26th November 2019
– Launch Version

 Enjoy using View It Go.

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