Pronounced Vish-tek Studios

Vishtek Studios™ was started with the idea that independent games can be a work of creative expression and a gateway to passion.

We at Vishtek Studios™ believe that the confluence of visual artistry, an addictive gameplay with a good soundtrack, and an engrossing storyline giving a feeling of connectedness is what makes a good game.
Vishtek Studios is driven by the belief that games can also be a tool to train and educate. Vishtek Studios is fueled with the belief that games may change the world in a positive way by spreading happiness and love.

Vishtek Studios™ was first coined during 2010. This was the company banner under which a few games were released. Vishtek Studios LLP was registered and incorporated as a LLP at Chennai on 14th September 2016.

Registration/Incorporation date : 14th September 2016

 Place of Incorporation : Chennai

Type : Registered/Incorporated Company, Limited Liability Partnership(LLP), Bootstrapped and self-funded startup

Investment Details : No external investment, bootstrapped and self invested by Designated Partners

Number of Designated Partners in LLP : 2

Sector : Software, Mobile Apps, Game Development – Software Product development

Website : https://www.vishtekstudios.com

Social Links :  Twitter  Facebook  Youtube  Instagram

Press/Business Contact/Inquiries : support@vishtekstudios.com/vishtekstudiosin@gmail.com

Projects : Phase Spur, MageStart 360, Device Info 360(Mobile and wearable), View It Go

‘Vishtek Studios™’, the ‘Vishtek Studios logo®’ (brand) are registered trademarks of Vishtek Studios LLP.

You may not use any of the above marks without the prior written consent of Vishtek Studios LLP.

Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, self-funded, bootstrapped, Independent app/game development company with zero external investment.