Registration/Incorporation date : 14th September 2016

 Place of Incorporation : Chennai

Type : Registered/Incorporated Company, Limited Liability Partnership(LLP), Bootstrapped and self funded startup

Investment Details : No external investment, self invested by Designated Partners

Number of Designated Partners in LLP : 2

Sector : Software, Mobile Apps, Game Development

Website : https://www.vishtekstudios.com

Social Links :  Twitter  Facebook  Youtube  Instagram

Press/Business Contact/Inquiries : support@vishtekstudios.com

Projects :  Phase Spur, Droid Insight 360, Device Info 360

Vishtek Studios was started with the idea that independent games can be a work of creative expression and a gateway to passion.
The confluence of visual artistry, an addictive gameplay with a good soundtrack, and an engrossing storyline giving a feeling of connectedness is what makes a good game.
Vishtek Studios is driven by the belief that games can also be a tool to train and educate. Vishtek Studios is fueled by the passion and creativity of a software programmer, who believes that his games may change the world in a positive way by spreading happiness and love.
The end words, Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, bootstrapped, Independent app/game development company. Vishtek Studios LLP was registered and incorporated at Chennai on 14th September 2016.


About the founder


Bharath Vishal was in his 11th grade when he paved the way for ‘Vishtek Studios’ in 2010. This was the company banner under which he released his works.


Developing games has always been Bharath’s passion right from his childhood. While piling up some small indie PC games between 2010 to 2011, Bharath realized that the full potential of the mobile gaming industry in India was untapped. This made him come up with his first commercial release ‘Smash the ball-Unleashed HD’ for Android™ during 2013. Although, not a commercial success, the game was well received by casual gamers. After earning a degree in computer science, he worked in a technology giant for over a year. After that, he incorporated his company Vishtek Studios LLP(a bootstrapped, self funded LLP) on September 14th, 2016. Vishtek Studios LLP has two designated partners with Bharath Vishal serving as one of the designated partner. After 9 months of  development, Phase Spur was released globally in App store and Play Store on June 9th 2017.