Network Info with IP Address

Network Info with IP Address

 A bit of introduction

If you have wanted to know your IP address, look no further. Presenting ‘Network Info with IP address’, a multi tool for viewing Network Info, IP address and to ping IP or a website and generate random secure Wifi passwords. The app is built for Android Mobile devices from scratch.


Network Info with IP Address is out now for Android devices



▪️ View the IP address of your Android mobile device connected to the internet.
▪️ Shows if a VPN connection is active.
▪️ Includes a fully random password generator to generate secure Wifi passwords or passwords for other services. Has various customisation options.
▪️ Ping IP address or a website to check the reachability.
▪️ Saves the viewed IP history. User has the option to clear the IP addresses.
▪️ Shows various Wifi and Network related information.
▪️ Clean and light, occupies less space.
▪️ Has eleven different themes with a full night mode.


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