Phase Spur

 A bit of introduction

Are you tired of endless match three games? Well, here is something intelligible and different.


Phase Spur is out now for mobile devices




Phase Spur is a casual puzzle game with cute little creatures. When they are happy, their spirit and cuteness endear everyone, so much so, it’s easy to get carried away by their cuteness. However, when they are disturbed, they can be quite annoying. So, here’s a thing, MAKE THEM HAPPY!


The task is, arrange no more than two creatures in a line. As they are adamant in nature, no three creatures (not more than two) can exist along a line (vertical, diagonal and horizontal) from their point of view.


The game is made for both casual gamers and serious puzzle lovers. Solving a level requires careful analysis and observation. Improvisation works very rarely in this puzzler. So, embark on a stylized visual journey by solving puzzles and make these cute little creatures smile again.

Gameplay Trailer

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More information on Phase Spur and relevant media are available here.

Release build Info

  Android Current Version – v1.9.1 | Build – 64 |   Download 
iOS Current Version – v1.7   | Build – 41 |   Download 



  • Two game modes: Classic Normal Mode and a taxing challenge mode
  • A leader board to watch out your friends
  • Play with adorable creatures
  • Ten different and adorable creatures
  • Has 78 Levels each in Normal Mode and Challenge Mode. Overall there are 156 levels to test and challenge your brain. Can you solve all the puzzles?
  • 41 Interesting Google Play/Game Center Achievements. Can you unlock all of them?
  • Dynamic difficulty system that assists and adjusts as per your play that provides an excellent replay value. Are you ready to face the challenge?
  • Phase Spur is optimized for tablets
  • Clean, intuitive design with a relaxing soundtrack
  • Share your level completion mastery (Screenshot) with your friends
  • Phase Spur is a Family friendly game, sharpens your observation skills and can help you train your brain
  • Phase Spur is localized in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese and German.

Update Timeline


  Android Current Version – v1.9.1 | Build – 64 |   Download 
iOS Current Version – v1.7    | Build – 41 |   Download 


v1.9.1  (Android)   |    January 2nd 2020
– Updated all Internal libraries
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9  (Android)   |    September 2nd 2019 
– Optimized for Android 10
– Updated all Internal libraries
– Minor bug fixes


v1.8.2  (Android)   |    May 26th 2019 
– Fixed IAP restore issue


v1.8.1  (Android)   |    May 9th 2019 
– Reduced app size


v1.8  (Android)   |    May 7th 2019 
– Added 64 bit support
– Optimized for Android Pie
– Removed all ads in the game
– Updated all Internal libraries
– Minor bug fixes
– Removed storage permission
– General improvements


v1.7    |    April 15th 2018 
– Minor bug fixes
– General improvements
– Updated all Internal libraries



v1.6    |    Feb 7th 2018  (Android)
– Minor bug fixes
– General improvements and localization string fixes
– Updated all Internal libraries


v1.5    |    Dec 5th 2017 

Christmas feature update
– Added two new characters – Santa and Ninja
– Let it snow! (Added more snow to the snow particle system in Chapter – II)
– Fixed IAP price display in local currencies
– Minor bug fixes
– Localization string fixes
– Updated all Internal libraries


v1.4.1    |    19th Nov 2017
– Fixed premium pack In-App purchase issue


v1.4    |    31st Oct 2017
– Fixed particle system bug that caused incorrect rendering

– General improvements
– Minor bug fixes
– Added version code label



      v1.2    |    31st July 2017
– General improvements

– Minor bug fixes



     v1.2    |    26th Jun 2017
 – Added German translation

– Added three new characters
– General improvements
– Minor bug fixes


v1.1    |    15th Jun 2017
 -Added a retry button on the Level Finished Panel (On both Normal mode and Challenge Mode)

-Fixed a few bugs
– Increased performance on lower end devices
– Reduced the time at which the help instructions appear
– Fixed the share Appstore link(iOS)
– Made the challenge mode more challenging!



   v1.0    |    9th Jun 2017
– Launch Version

Phase Spur is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP, a registered, incorporated, self-funded, bootstrapped company with two designated partners. Enjoy and have fun playing Phase Spur. The game is inspired by the ‘no-three-in-line-problem’ introduced by Henry Earnest Dudeney(1917). Remember, your best decisions could be spur of the moment in this journey.

© 2017-2020. Phase Spur is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. ‘Phase Spur’ and associated elements are owned by Vishtek Studios LLP. Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, bootstrapped, self funded and incorporated LLP. All rights reserved.