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 A bit of introduction

Photos captured through mobile devices and cameras have numerous EXIF tags/information attributes embedded onto it such as camera/phone brand, camera/phone model, GPS location, date and time the photo was taken etc. Some of this metadata contains personal information like date, GPS info of captured image, lens model etc. and this could allow others from reading the information when they are shared or posted online. Also, view video and audio metadata using Media Metadata Info.


Media Metadata Info is out now for Android devices




▪️ View Metadata for photo, video and audio files.
▪️ View EXIF metadata info like image resolution, device model, etc for images.
▪️ View video metadata info like video resolution, audio channels, video format, video depth, video length etc.
▪️ View audio metadata info like album info, artist info, audio disc number etc.
▪️ Supports JPEG, TIFF, Mp3, WAV, AVI, Mp4 file formats to read metadata.
▪️ Uses updated Material You components.
▪️ Export EXIF metadata cleared image to device storage.*
▪️ Select images from Internal storage, SD card or online cloud(Google Drive etc.)
▪️ Assigns a random file name on clearing the EXIF metadata for better security and privacy.
▪️ Has option to share the EXIF metadata cleared image.
▪️ Clean and light, occupies less space.
▪️ Has eleven different themes with a full night mode.

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