MageStart 360: Full Feature List

Version 4.3.3 | Download

Features are built into the app as functionalities.


 📁 File Manager 📁

  1. Navigate folders/directories
  2. Create new folder
  3. Create new directory
  4. Create new hidden file
  5. Search for files/folders (Global search, Files that start with the given string)
  6. Search for files/folders (Global search, Files that contain the given string –  Added in v1.6)
  7. Navigate to directories from search results
  8. View Internal storage used and free space
  9. View External SD storage used and free space (if present)
  10. Rename file
  11. Rename folder
  12. Long press to select a file/folder
  13. Select multiple files
  14. Select all files
  15. Deselect all files
  16. View number of items in the folder
  17. View created date on the folder
  18. Open associated file open/view intent
  19. Swipe down to refresh current directory
  20. Delete single file
  21. Delete multiple files
  22. Delete directories
  23. Unzip File(Decompress .zip file)
  24. Copy/Paste file
  25. Copy/Paste Folder
  26. Copy/Paste multiple files
  27. Copy/Paste multiple folders
  28. Move file
  29. Move Folder
  30. Move multiple files
  31. Move multiple folders
  32. Copy/move files greater than 2 GB (Added in v1.9.1)
  33. Show progress dialog with percentage for copy, move and unzip operations
  34. Create a new folder/directory when a file is waiting to be pasted (Added in v1.7.2)
  35. Create a new folder/directory when a folder/directory is waiting to be pasted (Added in v1.7.2)
  36. Create a new folder/directory when a file is waiting to be moved (Added in v1.7.2)
  37. Create a new folder/directory when a folder/directory is waiting to be moved (Added in v1.7.2)
  38. Share file(images/video/audio/documents)
  39. View File/Folder details
  40. View details for multiple files/folders
  41. Has List View for viewing files
  42. Has Grid View for viewing files
  43. Switch between two, three or four columns in Grid View
  44. Show hidden files
  45. Show Image thumbnail
  46. Show album art thumbnail for music
  47. Show video thumbnail
  48. Show GIF preview
  49. Perform all the operations in Internal Storage
  50. Displays the list of files in external storage and allows the user to view/open them
  51. Clean, reliable and fast with Intuitive material UI
  52. Smart and assistive contextual dialogs/messages
  53. Has full theme support with night mode
  54. Show/hide file extensions in File Manager (Added in v 1.8.2)
  55. Sort files by name, date or size in ascending or descending order (Added in v 1.8)
  56. Has a File classifier that allows the user to filter files in search dialog. User can filter the search results to either display all files or custom type(Image, Video or Audio files) (Added in v 1.8)



 📱 Device Info 📱

  1. View Device Model
  2. View Device Manufacturer
  3. View Device Name
  4. View Bootloader
  5. View Display Size in Inches
  6. View Display Pixels Per Inch(PPI)
  7. View Display Resolution and type (WVGA, qHD, HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K)
  8. View Android™ Version Name
  9. View Android™ Version Code
  10. View Android™ Board Code
  11. View CPU Hardware (SOC Manufacturer)
  12. View Current Clock Speed (In MHz or GHz)
  13. View Minimum Clock Speed (In MHz or GHz)
  14. View Maximum Clock Speed (In MHz or GHz)
  15. View Number of Cores in Device
  16. View CPU Features
  17. View CPU Architecture
  18. View CPU Variant
  19. View Device RAM
  20. View Actual Available RAM
  21. View Used RAM
  22. View Free RAM
  23. View GPU Vendor
  24. View GPU Renderer
  25. Know if Vulkan is supported on Device
  26. View Battery Level
  27. View Battery Type
  28. View Battery Temp in C and F
  29. View Power Source for Charging
  30. View Battery Status
  31. View Battery Voltage
  32. View Battery Health
  33. View Max Charging Current
  34. View battery capacity in mAh
  35. View Internal Storage total space
  36. View Internal Storage used space
  37. View Internal Storage free space
  38. View if external removable storage is present
  39. View Internal Storage total space
  40. View Internal Storage used space
  41. View Internal Storage free space
  42. View Network Connection status
  43. View Data type(WIFI/4G/3G/2G)
  44. View Network Type
  45. Know whether device has fast internet connectivity
  46. View IP Address
  47. View number of sensors
  48. View Sensor Vendor
  49. View Sensor Version
  50. View Sensor Int Type
  51. Search/Filter sensor by name
  52. View Number of Apps
  53. Know whether NFC is present
  54. Know whether Heart Rate Sensor is present
  55. Know whether Gyroscope is present
  56. Know whether Accelerometer is present
  57. Know whether Barometer is present
  58. Know whether Fingerprint Scanner is present
  59. Know whether WIFI Direct is present
  60. Know whether Bluetooth LE is present
  61. Know whether GPS is present
  62. Has full theme support with night mode


 📊 Benchmark 📊

  1. Run CPU encryption benchmark
  2. Run RAM read speed benchmark (in MBps or GBps)
  3. Run SQLite Benchmark
  4. Ability to execute benchmarks partially/individually and view their results
  5. Configure number of strings to encrypt (CPU Benchmark)
  6. Configure number of records to insert (SQLite Benchmark)
  7. View Benchmark results
  8. Share Benchmark results
  9. Has full theme support with night mode


🔣 App Manager 🔣

  1. View number of user apps
  2. View number of system apps
  3. View user apps
  4. View system apps
  5. View app name and package name
  6. View app version
  7. View app installed date
  8. View app updated date
  9. Launch app from the app manager
  10. View app details settings from app manager
  11. Search/Filter for apps through package name
  12. Has full theme support with night mode
  13. Sort apps by name, installed or updated date in ascending or descending order (Added in v1.9.1)


🛠 Root Checker 🛠

  1. Check whether device is rooted
  2. Check if root is available
  3. Display the root path
  4. Check if Root is given
  5. Check if busy box is installed
  6. Has full theme support with night mode


🔹 Misc./Others 🔹

  1. Has 19 themes (Two additional themes Added in v1.6)
  2. Change Folder colour in File Manager(Added in v1.6), (Added 4 additional folder colours in v1.8)
  3. Has app shortcuts (Android™ 7.1 or above) to launch and use the apps separately.
  4. Has a full night mode 🌜🌃
  5. Has an overview tab that shows real-time CPU and RAM usage.
  6. Optimised for tablets and Android™ Go
  7. User friendly and clean material design
  8. Incredibly small download size.
  9. Optimised to run on a wide range of low end devices
  10. Built for everyone: casual and power users, developers and device testers

Crafted with ❤ in India 🇮🇳.

 Enjoy using MageStart 360.

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