Device Info 360 Update Timeline

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  Current Version – v3.6.3 | Download

v3.6.3  |  2nd Nov 2022
– Fixed a bug on the wearable version of the app that prevented displaying of installed applications on Wear OS 3.0 devices.
– Mobile and wearable version of the app now displays CPU Model correctly.
– Fixed incorrect formatting of battery temperature in Fahrenheit under battery info.
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.6.2  |  5th Oct 2022
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.6.1  |  6th Sep 2022
– App optimizations.


v3.6  |  9th Aug 2022
– Wearable app improvements.
– Added support for Android 13. Updated target SDK to Android 13.
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.5.5  |  6th Jul 2022
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.5.4  |  2th Jun 2022
– Performance improvements.
– Updated about screen.


v3.5.3  |  7th May 2022
 App optimizations.


v3.5.2  |  15th Apr 2022
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.5.1  |  4th Mar 2022
– Added compatibility for Android 12L.


v3.5  |  7th Feb 2022
– Performance improvements
– Minor bug fixes


v3.4  |  13th Jan 2022
Major feature update
– Full design revamp based on Material You theming. App includes dynamic material theming for devices running Android 12. Updated all existing themes to match Material you theming. Wearable app updated to Material you.

– Reduced splash screen animation time for mobile & wearable versions.
– Various performance improvements.
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.3.1  |  28th Dec 2021
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.3.0  |  19th Nov 2021
– App now targets Android 12 (SDK 31) and is fully compatible with devices running Android 12.
– Performance improvements.
– Minor bug fixes.


v3.2.0  |  5th Oct 2021
– Wearable app is compatible with Android 11 based Wear OS 3.0

– Wearable app optimizations


v3.1.9  |  7th Sep 2021
– Minor bug fixes


v3.1.8  |  1st Aug 2021
– Design and performance improvements


v3.1.7  |  6th July 2021
– Performance improvements


v3.1.6  |  3rd June 2021
– Performance improvements


v3.1.5  |  21st May 2021
– Export device info to device storage as a PDF or a text file. *
– In-App Billing updates. Updated play billing to 4.x line.
– Performance optimizations.
*Feature available in pro-version. 


v3.1.4  |  2nd May 2021

– Performance improvements


v3.1.3  |  1st Apr 2021

– Wearable app optimizations


v3.1.2  |  3rd Mar 2021

– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.23
– Minor design improvements


v3.1.1  |  25th Feb 2021

– Minor bug fixes


v3.1.0  |  1st Jan 2021
– Added an option to sort apps by app package name in App Manager
– Added an option to Unlock AMOLED Night theme for an hour by watching a video ad*
– Wearable app optimizations
* Available in non-pro version.


v3.0.11  |  18th Dec 2020
– Minor bug fixes


v3.0.10  |  13th Dec 2020
Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes


v3.0.9  |  5th Dec 2020
– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.23
– Minor bug fixes


v3.0.8  |  1st Nov 2020
– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.19
– Fixed incorrect RAM size formatting on devices having 12 GB RAM
– Added support for Android 11
– IAP billing fixes


v3.0.7  |  1st Oct 2020
 Wearable app optimizations.


v3.0.6  |  18th Sep 2020
Minor design improvements


v3.0.5  |  1st Sep 2020
Minor design improvements


v3.0.4  |  1st Aug 2020
Minor bug fixes and improvements


v3.0.3  |  1st July 2020
– Minor bug fixes 


v3.0.2  |  1st July 2020
– Minor design improvements and bug fixes


v3.0.1  |  17th June 2020
– Upgraded IAP billing to 3.x
– Minor bug fixes


v3.0.0  |  1st June 2020
Major design and feature update
– Includes various design improvements with a totally new UI based on the updated material components (Material design 2.0)
– Added two new night themes: Neon orange* and Neon pink
– Added match system theme toggle to the settings screen
– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.18
– Minor bug fixes
*Note: Neon orange night theme can be unlocked by upgrading to the pro version. The theme will be unlocked in this update to users who have already upgraded to pro.

v2.9.11  |  1st May 2020
– Various design improvements
– Minor bug fixes


v2.9.10  |  23rd Apr 2020
– Performance improvements
– Minor bug fixes


v2.9.9  |  16th Mar 2020
– Added a new theme – Grayish night theme
– Various optimizations.


v2.9.8  |  18th Feb 2020

– Added support for pending purchases.
– Added a new theme: Bluish night theme*
– Various optimizations.

*Note: Bluish night theme can be unlocked by upgrading to the pro version. The theme will be unlocked in this update to users who have already upgraded to the pro version.


v2.9.7  |  15th Feb 2020
– Wearable app sensor info fixes
– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.13.


v2.9.6  |  28th Jan 2020
– Wearable app bug fixes.


v2.9.5  |  1st Jan 2020
– Wearable app now detects Wear OS v2.11 and 2.12.


v2.9.4  |  15th Dec 2019
– Redesigned sensor info page for the wearable version.


v2.9.3  |  2nd Dec 2019
– Wearable app optimizations.


v2.9.2  |  2nd Dec 2019
– Added sensor int type and version info to wearable app.


v2.9.1  |  2nd Dec 2019
– Minor bug fixes


v2.9  |  9th Nov 2019
Major feature update
– Added CPU implementer, CPU part and CPU revision info under CPU info tab
– Added SIP, SIP based VOIP, Consumer IR, Professional audio, Ambient temp sensor, PIP info under misc info tab
– Added WiFi link speed under network info tab
– Added Vulkan API level under GPU info tab
– Added sensor power, resolution and maximum range under sensor info tab


v2.8  |  29th Oct 2019
Major feature update
– Released Device Info 360 for Wear OS by Google. Available as a standalone app on Google Play for wearable devices.
–  Various optimizations


v2.7.3  |  14th Oct 2019
– Added Android security patch info under Device Info tab for Android 6.0 and above.
– Added OPEN GL ES version info under RAM/GPU info tab.


v2.7.2  |  3rd Oct 2019
– Minor bug fixes


v2.7.1  |  2nd Oct 2019
– Upgraded IAP billing to 2.x


v2.7  |  1st Sep 2019
Major feature update
– Added app shortcut for App Manager to devices running Android 7.1 and above.
– Added application category info under app details dialog in App Manager(Android Oreo)
– Added multi-window support with dynamic resizing
– Added basic support for Android TV.
– Added ABI info under CPU info.
– Added an automatic night mode switch at app start based on the system setting on devices running Android 10.
– Fixed empty string values for certain categories under Device Info.


v2.6.1  |  23rd Aug 2019
– Minor bug fixes


v2.6  |  26th July 2019
Major feature update
– Changed the app icon and splash image.
– Added a new theme: Light blue.
– Added support for Android Q. App now targets Android Q(API 29).


v2.5.9 |  11th July 2019
– Minor bug fixes


v2.5.8 |  30th June 2019
– String fixes


v2.5.7 |  20th June 2019
– Minor bug fixes


v2.5.6 |  23rd May 2019
– Fixed IAP restore


v2.5.5 |  18th May 2019
– App now checks for update availability at launch


v2.5.4 |   9th May 2019
– Reduced app size


v2.5.3 |   21st Apr 2019
– Minor bug fixes.


v2.5.2 |   21st Apr 2019
– Performance improvements on older devices


v2.5.1 |   7th Apr 2019
– Fixed app search in App Manager.
– Added detection for Android Q Beta in Device Info.


v2.5 |   21st Mar 2019
– Added min sdk info to App info details in App Manager.
– Added board hardware information to Device info.
– Splash screen for the AMOLED night theme now has the same consistent dark black background.


v2.4.5 |   14th Mar 2019
– Minor bug fixes.


v2.4.4 |   7th Mar 2019
– IAP fixes.


v2.4.3 |   25th Feb 2019
– App manager fixes.


v2.4.2 |   19th Feb 2019
– Design improvements.


v2.4.1 |   4th Feb 2019
– Minor bug fixes.


v2.4 |   28th Jan 2019
– Added RTL Support. Fixed incorrect text direction in Right-to-left locales.


v2.3 |   15th Jan 2019
– Added option to opt out of basic app usage statistics. Users can now disable basic in-app analytics(Firebase analytics) by disabling the ‘Send basic app usage statistics’ checkbox in settings page. Crafted for the user – More transparency, zero analytics, your right to choose.


v2.2.1   | 9th Jan 2018
-Minor bug fixes


v2.2   | 7th Jan 2018
Major feature update
– Now view more info for apps in App Manager. View app permissions, target SDK, activities, providers, receivers and services. Tap the three dots button shown in the app view under app manager to view the details.
– Added EU consent dialog for Ads(Shown to European users).


v2.1   | 5th Jan 2018
Major feature update
– View additional info in Device Info: Display refresh rate, step counter/detector availability, USB host/accessory availability, CPU model.
– Added option to uninstall apps in App Manager.
– Added option to open store page for a selected app in App Manager.
– App Manager optimizations.


v2.0.3   | 4th Jan 2018
New Year’s resolution – Fix bugs, improve performance and enhance stability
– Bug fixes


v2.0.2   | 30th Dec 2018
– Added animation to RAM usage progress bar in overview tab
– Stability fixes
– Removed fast-charging info in battery info(read more)


v2.0.1   | 22nd Dec 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v2.0.0   | 7th Dec 2018
Major feature update
– Added option to share apps from App Manager
– Design and Performance improvements
– Fixed IAP restore issue

v1.9.9   | 6th Dec 2018
– Design improvements


v1.9.8   | 27th Nov 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.7   | 24th Nov 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.6   | 15th Nov 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.5   | 9th Nov 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.4   |  2nd Nov 2018
– String fixes


v1.9.3   |   19th Oct 2018
– Minor bug fixes


v1.9.2   |   12th Oct 2018
– Bug fixes
– Dropped support for Android Kitkat. Changed minimum SDK to API 21(Lollipop)


v1.9.1   |   11th Oct 2018
– Performance improvements


v1.9    |   6th Oct 2018
– Now view real-time CPU clock speed for all cores under CPU info tab in Device Info


v1.8.2    |   6th Oct 2018
– Reduced splash screen loading time
– Minor bug fixes


v1.8.1    |   24th Sep 2018
– Fixed sensor info bug on Kitkat devices


v1.8    |   22nd Sep 2018
– Changed app icon
– Changed icon for device info
– Security fixes
– Stability and minor bug fixes


v1.7    |    8th Sep 2018
– Revamped the landing screen introduction slides
– Added two new themes : Dark Turquoise and a new AMOLED night theme*
– Added battery capacity under battery info tab
– Optimizations for Android Pie
– Bug fixes
*Notes : AMOLED night theme can be unlocked by removing ads. The theme will be unlocked in this update to users who have already removed ads.


v1.6.2    |    3rd Sep 2018
– Bug fixes


v1.6.1    |    31st Aug 2018
– Bug fixes


 v1.6    |    27th Aug 2018

Major Update
– Added app sort functionality in App Manager(sort apps by name, installed or updated date in ascending or descending order)
– Fixed Max CPU frequency for devices having 4+ cores(ARM big.LITTLE architecture)
– Changed App manager icon
– Performance improvements and bug fixes


 v1.5    |    11th Aug 2018
– Performance improvements and bug fixes


 v1.4    |    19th July 2018

– Fixed dialog layouts in low end devices


 v1.3    |    14th July 2018
–  Added two new themes : Amber and Cyan

– Fixed link for other apps


 v1.2    |    25th June 2018
– Performance improvements


 v1.1    |    25th May 2018
– Bug fixes


 v1.0    |    20th April 2018
– Launch Version

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